Tuesday, November 15, 2005

We're all going to die.

Parrot 'did not die of bird flu'
More than 50 finches imported from Taiwan died from the deadly strain of avian flu in a UK quarantine facility, a government probe has found. Reports a south American parrot in the same Essex centre had the disease seemed to be mistaken, the report said. The mixing of tissue samples after death left it unclear which birds had the H5N1 virus strain, officials said. They believe the strain of the disease suggests the finches - known as Mesias - were the source of the UK infection.

This should strike a chill to your heart. Mesias aren't finches! They're babblers! For chrissakes, who did they get to write this report?

This sort of thing really worries me.
Doesn't it dent your confidence in government probes? It's a slippery slope, I tell you.

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