Wednesday, December 07, 2005

March of the Penguins

Continuing the military theme (and with thanks to fatrobot) look at these! Good grief, times have changed. I think. What To Do Aboard The Transport was written 'by a group of scientists'. By far the most trustworthy type of author, yes. Regarding the title, answers on a postcard, please. Certainly I'd spend a lot of my time aboard that transport freaking the hell out thinking about the massive cross-section through the ocean on the cover.

This one is just really horrible. Not only are the grim and dirty realities of guerrilla warfare brutally depicted on the cover, but the people involved upset me too. Why would anyone want to kill Terry Thomas?

This one marks an important episode in the history of island biogeography: we came, we saw, we conquered, we brought snakes.

And finally — Eleanor "Bumpy" Stevenson? They have to be joking.


fatrobot said...

bumpy is an awful nickname!
thanks for the mention
cool scans
i think bumpy means that she slept wth the soldier
infantry hussy

Anonymous said...

Rather late responding but just saw this online when looking up Eleanor Bumpy Stevenson's life, which actually was one volunteering service during the second world war. She and her husband were both connected to the American Red Cross and were instrumental in establishing large numbers if Red Cross canteens, first in Enland and then in North Africa, providing home-away-from-home services and counsel to grateful soldiers. The Stevensons went on to become civic and educational leaders in America and lead stellar lives. FATROBOT is unkind and totally off the mark.