Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Secrets of Millipede Racing Revealed!

Benjamin, book pirate and new hero, has sent me a copy of the Minor Field Sports book I blogged earlier. It contains, as we know, some very, very minor field sports. Here, for your delectation, are some of its observations on Millipede Racing:
Millipede racing is an indoor pastime

It may be described as the most minor of all minor sports.

There are many millipedes, but so far as I have discovered, only one racing millipede.

It is a very handsome little beast about an inch in length.

It curls up in a small ring when at rest, and races best on a polished tabletop.

Once they start, on the removal of the ruler, they go like steam, with occasional brief pauses for enquiries, probably.

A pool or sweepstake may be arranged.

If it is proposed to keep an outstanding racer it should be placed in a dark box and fed upon bulbs and roots.

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