Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The World's Greatest Science Protecting America

I love Los Alamos National Laboratory's new slogan. The World's Greatest Science Protecting America! Fantastic concept. With such reassuring relevance to LANL's main job of maintaining America's nuclear arsenal. You know, the one The World's Greatest Science circa. 1945 invented.
LANL has the best people doing the best science to solve problems of global importance.
That's what it says on their website. Raaaah! So, today's question. How does that stirring statement relate to this LANL research program? (a treatment pulled from this article here, from which there's a link to the actual paper). Just how? In a game-theoretical sense? In a symbolic sense? In no sense at all? Either way, and any way at all, it's more than a little ... worrying.

"It's just not cricket, Grovesy"

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