Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The goshawk sketch

My friend Dr Ralley sent me this last night. It's an extract from a letter written in late November 1472, from John Paston to his brother, also called John.
Ryght worchepfull syr, I recomand me to yow, thankyng yow most hertly of your dylygence and cost whyche ye had in gettyng of the hawk whyche ye sent me, for well I wot your labore and trowbyll in that mater was as myche as thow she had ben the best of the world. But so God help me, as ferforthe as the most connyng estragers that euer I spak wyth can jmagyn, she shall neuer serue but to ley eggys, for she is bothe a mwer de haye and also she hathe ben so brooseid wyth cariage of fowle that she is as good as lame in boothe hyr leggys, as euery man may se at jee; wherfor all syche folk as haue seen hyr auyse me to cast hyr in-to some wood wher as I wyll haue hyr to eyer. But I wyll do ther-in as ye wyll, whedyr ye wyll I send hyr yow a-yen or cast hyr in Thorp wood and a tarsell wyth hyr, for I woot wher on js. But now I dar no more put yow to the cost of an hawke; but for Godys sak, and ther be eny tersell or good chep goshawk that myght be gotyn, that the berer herof may haue hyr to bryng me. And I ensuer yow be my trowthe ye shall haue Dollys and Browne bonde to paye yow at Kandyllmas the pryse of the hawke. Now, and ye haue as many ladyse as ye wer wont to haue, I reqwere yow for hyr sake that ye best loue of theym alle, onys trowbyll yowr-syllf for me in thys mater, and be owght of my clamor.
"For God's sake, are there any tiercels or good cheap goshawks you could get for me? I'll pay you later..."

Falconers don't change much, do they?

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