Thursday, February 09, 2006


I just got this announcement of an arts event. I've heard of art having visceral immediacy, but this is taking it way too far, surely:
Phillip Warnell

10 February 2006, 3 - 8 pm
Nash Room, ICA, The Mall, London SW1, UK

The fascinating capsule endoscopy procedure is a completely new technology, for the first time enabling the photographing of the GI passage in its entirety.

In a two-part performative demonstration, artist Phillip Warnell will undergo a live capsule endoscopy medical procedure, integrating projected visual material from his project, Host, which makes use of raw material gathered in this way. In part one, and following a period of preparatory fasting, Warnell will ingest an untethered pill sized camera, which will embark on a fantastic voyage through the nine-metre gastro-intestinal tract.

In part two, following a period of waiting whilst the capsule progresses via the bodies peristaltic, muscular contractions, the camera's radio transmissions will be downloaded to a drive and viewed/interpreted by gastroenterologist Simon Anderson through a unique software interface.

During this informative journey into the realm of the transparent body will be an assemblage of international speakers, including cultural theorists Bettyann Kevles and Rick Allsopp, writer/curator Lisa Le Feuvre, and researcher Anne-Sophie Cussatlegras, who will be giving an extraordinary demonstration of living bioluminescence.

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