Saturday, June 17, 2006


Steve and Reid and Matt have done it, and so has Rebecca. So here goes: here is a photo from way back when of Pluvialis, aged 12, before she'd ever killed anything with a hawk. She's feeling oh so grand in her snazzy stripy C&A sweater because she's been allowed to carry Frodo, the Hawk Conservancy's Tawny Eagle, between the display ground and his weathering ground. Can you see the 'They've let me hold the eagle! I'm accepted as a grown-up!' look in her eyes? Meeeep!

And here she is many years later. Oh dear me. This was a dark period in her life. No more stripy sweaters and display eagles. Oh no. Black shades, black gyr x peregrine, naval aviator's jacket, black heart, blood on her hands (duck, that is). Sheesh, what a psycho.

She's lightened up a bit, since then.

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