Wednesday, July 05, 2006


It has been a horrid, ninety degree week of migraine-addled days and nights. Haven't been able to write a word, which is hateful. My brain's still curled and papery and aches at the edges, but at least the hot weather is breaking. Such a relief. The storms have come! Witness the prospect from the window:

Limes in glorious, drenching, smoky summer rain! Can you see the rain? Not really. Hang on, let me go and try again; I'll use flash this time:

Can you see what I did there? Yes, there's a camera in the house! So now you can see what the adopted pigeons look like — this is the house's very own ex-racing pigeon, who spends most days with the love of his life, a similiarly-marked town pigeon, on top of the garden wall:

And the inimitable birdoole, sitting on the top of my laptop as I type:

And here is the Sidney Sussex blue porcupine, which I've been wanting to photograph for yoinks.

Proper writing soon, I promise.

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