Thursday, September 07, 2006

A moment away from my desk

I can't bear that miserable bloody Edvard Munch picture for another moment. Not one. So I'm joining the Querencia club — that select club of bloggers pictured crouching next to edible fungi.

Pluvialis with a rather small example of a parasol mushroom.

Yes, I've been out fungus hunting with Professor X. Which means: term is coming; autumn is near! Our haul included edible lactarius, pine ceps, chanterelles, wood mushrooms and a vast number of other spp. whose scientific names faded disgracefully upon hearing.

More pictures on flickr. Alas, none show the hundreds upon hundreds of hawker dragonflies; nor do they supply the peculiar aural background of heat-crackling pinecones and F-15 engines.

Mind you, no ticks in the pictures either. I escaped this time. I hate ticks.


Heidi said...

It's anonymous Heidi, trying again to tell you what I want to tell you!

First of all, I think Steve and Libby are beautiful.

I also think that in a totally different way, the "Vast Fungus" is also looks like it glows!

And I'm so happy to see that you got out into a field. That sky makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Thanks for the photos!

Anonymous said...

You lucky thing, finding Macrolepiota procera! All I can find in my parish is its scruffy relation, M rhacoides (Shaggy Parasol). Still good eating, though.
Good to have you back, Pluvialis.

Anonymous said...

Connie and I are visiting Steve and Libby in Magdalena, and found some angel wings today on an impromtu search on our way down the hill from the top of Mt. Baldy today.

Pictures to follow with more additions to the Querencia Club