Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Back from the sea, briefly, to discover my next-door neighbour has employed some jobsworth gardeners to get rid of all the passionflower vine tendrils that fell from my garden — where it's rooted — over his own. They decided the best way to do this was take huge handfuls and pull. Unfortunately, this has snapped the one stem that made my bathroom glorious; the one I've trained all over the window, and that made the room soft, and green, and submarine and slightly spooky. I was getting used to flowers, every day, in the bathroom. And it made bathtime tropical in a way no "rainforest flowers" bubblebath could do. Now it's wilting, and I'm feeling unusually vengeful. Ideas?

Apologies for photographs of my bathroom, but I wanted to take some record shots before it disappears completely. Sigh.


Xtin said...

Oh NO! I love that window. This is terrible.

I will muse on baroque revenge scenarios.

pluvialis said...

My revenge scenario involved pulling it all down, muttering darkly to myself, and sweeping up the dead leaves on the floor. I might go postal and do some weeding and clearing up in the garden. That'll show him!