Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Awful curtains


Matt Mullenix said...

...but one handsome hawk!

Xtin said...


Heidi the Hick said...

What curtains? There are curtains in that photo???

Reid Farmer said...

Those curtains look great compared to some we inherited in our new house. Did I tell you about the purple ones?

Nice lookin' bird!

pluvialis said...

Cheers people. Isn't she pretty? I'm pretty sure I've messed her up with hooding, dammit. The hood I have just isn't cutting it -- it's a Mehboob bahreni, and while it's the right size, it's not quite the right shape, and she's got dodgy with it. Cursing myself.

The curtains I shall miss when I leave here, despite their grimness. Reid, purple curtains sound...regal.

Steve Bodio said...

Gosses are very different in their reaction to hoods than falcons and never really learn to love them. John Burchard thinks it may be that they depend on hearing more.

It might be that the Asian way of making them dead tame to anything UNHOODED may be best. You can train them to a dark box for transport if that is too strange.

I'm trying it on my next.

Reid Farmer said...

Reid, purple curtains sound...regal.

You're very generous and I think you'd be right if we had the right shade. The shade of "plum" we have is better described as tacky.

And again - gorgeous bird!