Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Pluvialis is finding out more and more about goshawks.

They're much, much more interesting , and much cleverer than she'd thought they'd be. They make peregrines look dumb as posts. Goshawks enjoy watching Planet of the Apes (the original, not the terrible Tim Burton remake) and also enjoy Britain's Strongest Man, but aren't keen on CSI Miami.

Goshawks like looking under things. Goshawks like water. Goshawks don't like white paper bags very much. And in the evening they are disarmingly prone to play. See?

Falconer plays peek-a-boo with parent-reared goshawk shocker!


Tristram Brelstaff said...

I worry about you. Maybe you should get out more. :)

pluvialis said...

Yep. I regret posting that picture now.

Reid Farmer said...

Hush, it's cute!

indigoGlyph said...

I'm not sure you're entered into this austringer business with quite the gravitas expected ;o)