Monday, August 13, 2007

World Changing Idea?

This is hilarious. Tempting though. $100,000 for an compelling concept! Dude!
Anyone got any ideas? Apart from firing their team of writers?

The Saatchi & Saatchi Award for World Changing Ideas
(For Innovation in Communication)


Why Saatchi & Saatchi believes passionately in the power of ideas.

To enrich lives.
To solve problems.
To prevent disasters.
To increase pleasure.
To reduce pain.
The truth is, there can be no progress without ideas.
Conflict resolution is a vain hope without ideas.
The end of poverty is just a dream.
At the heart of all human existence lies the activity of communication.
And an innovation in communication may have the power to change one person’s world.
Or a whole community’s.
Or the world itself.

Winning The Saatchi & Saatchi Award for World Changing Ideas exists to recognise brilliant thinking, to bring it to the world’s attention and to reward the most outstanding innovation with a prize worth $100,000.

Who Can Enter
We invite submissions from innovators around the world. Their ideas may be scientific, linguistic, artistic, technological. They may be hi-tech, lo-tech or no-tech. Their ideas may be in prototype, the finished thing or merely a compelling concept. Previous finalists have ranged from a tornado early-warning system, self-adjusting spectacles, a sonar system that enables the visually-impaired to ‘see’ with their ears, a compound that can replicate the sensitivity of human skin, a new kind of aeroplane, a storage system for the world’s languages, viable electric lighting for the developing world, and near-instant buildings for disaster relief. Yes, communication is a vast territory.

Any innovation which could improve, revolutionise, or make possible communication between individuals, between individuals and their environment, between companies and their customers, between performers and their audiences, between nations or even between planets will be considered.


Xtin said...

OK they totally need to give me money for my anti-boobsquash shoulder strap device.

I just need to come up with a conceptually compelling non-sentential way of describing it.

Xtin said...

On the other hand they suggest interplanetary innovations.

Let's go martian.

dr. hypercube said...

Martian cupcakes!

(no, it wasn't me originally)

kookaburra said...

Can we fire the writers ("winning...exists to recognise brilliant thinking"??) AND set to work on the anti-boobsquash device? Oh, & do you mean the straps in cars, or is it just that I've been wanting to retool those godawful things for years?