Thursday, September 06, 2007

What has she got in her pocketses?


Matt Mullenix said...

Oooo! Tid-bitses! Gooood meats! Mine! The precious meatses are MINE!

Peter said...

Not a specific response to this post but a general appreciation of your blogging.

I became aware of fretmarks through a Britblog recommendation and have been visiting regularly it for more than a year. You write beautifully and display some lovely images. I am learning about a new subject and trying to remember where I put that unread copy of T.H. White.

I agree that a black dog requires plenty of exercise, preferably involving meeting new people.

With best wishes and thanks for your blogging to date,

pluvialis said...

Matt: funniest comment in the history of blogging. Awesome.

Peter: thank you for nice words. The damned black dog is being placated by the kindness of people like you and their advice. I'm getting much exercise with the gos, both physical and mental -- I think we've found her flying weight, finally, so I'm crossing my fingers she'll be flying free very soon....