Sunday, October 07, 2007

Helen is far from clear

Rebecca started it. It's the old game, the google definitions game. Only now someone's automated it. Not that it needed much automation, but hey. You'd have thought that any everyday female name would produce broadly similar results. Oh no.

Nice to be reminded I bear the name of the most beautiful woman that ever existed. And that I'm selling lake of the ozarks realty. Which sounds a bit like something from a Frank Herbert novel.

Ah, self-absorption is a good thing on a cold October morning, a day before the lectures start....particularly after a peculiar morning, waking in the early hours, putting on the radio, then falling asleep again. Wondering why I had bizarre dreams about driving around a circuit at high speed. Perhaps it's a metaphor, I thought, before realising I'd been listening to live coverage of the Grand Prix. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.


helen is sellin' lake of the ozarks realty
helen is a poor role model for women
helen is really no friend of mine
helen is a single ukrainian woman
helen is sellin
helen is a dream come true for any man
helen is listed
helen is going? *nm*
helen is bloody coolio
helen is leaving us
helen is yo daddy
helen is in mi
helen is really no friend of mine because she has gotten me to moderate this whole day
helen is good sucker
helen is leaving for a month
helen is one of the most beautiful of women to ever exist
helen is located
helen is glad that the judge wrote
helen is located 133 km west of alice springs at the end of the sealed section of road known as namatjira drive
helen is committed to helping organizations make this statement a truthful statement and a reality
helen is a lunatic
helen is going?
helen is here
helen is essentially the primal woman
helen is a tough fighter
helen is depicted as having strange abilities and powers
helen is gr8 and we luv her loadz
helen is in trouble
helen is an accomplished motivational speaker who speaks regularly to community and professional groups and conferences
helen is a soft
helen is quick to give credit to others for her success
helen is well known for its wide range of dining options
helen is home
helen is clearly an educator who thrives on challenges
helen is often missed
helen is always the first person to offer words of encouragement and support
helen is connected to the following things
helen is in 1984 geboren in jimma in het zuidwesten van
helen is such an
helen is an original
helen is far from clear
helen is the new voice for the new range of mercedes benz vans radio
helen is more flexible
helen is someone whom i respect for what she has chosen to do
helen is a modest but multi
helen is a former alcoholic who became a benedictine nun after the deaths of her husband and sons
helen is the most conspicuous instance of that perplexing
helen is depicted sittling calmly in the midst of men and women who have been greatly affected by the war
helen is born
helen is
helen is outside the cultural norms of india

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