Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Yes, we know that google automatically scans your gmail emails and then sticks a bunch of "context-sensitive advertisements" next to them. I have in front of me a series of emails between me and my practical criticism students. The content of these mails strays not one whit from arranging suitable times for lessons. That's all. That's all they say.

Google has scanned these innocent mails. The adverts it gives me, based on these mails, are as follows. Should I worry?

User Acceptance Testing
Expert testing and practical advice for websites, systems or products

Krav Maga, self defence
Practical, effective & proven Waltham Abbey, Elstree & Loughton.

Accident Investigation
Practical training qualification in civil and criminal investigation

The Knight Shop - UK -
Massive range of Swords & Armour U.K. Based Showroom


Tristram Brelstaff said...

If I were you I'd get a suit of armour, just to be on the safe side. You never can tell with these students...

pluvialis said...

It's true. And they do have a MASSIVE range.