Monday, October 01, 2007

Things I have noted, of late.

If you're feeling isolated and in need of company, do not look to a goshawk. Parrots are better. People are even better.

No matter how hard it rains, pheasants do not get wet.

Hornbeam is Pluvialis' new favourite tree: there's an avenue of 'em near this new house and driving through it is intensely lovely. Worrying that it's become a bit of a highlight of the day.

In December, I am the big bad scary person: I am interviewing would-be students who want to read Philosophy, and would-be students who want to read English. I'm a historian.

I am teaching practical criticism classes (no jokes, please) to final year English students this year. I'm a historian.

There's going to be a Gatchaman movie!

It takes a long time to move house when you're using a saloon car as your primary vehicle.

Haart estate agents employ this phrase on their website: "We challenge you to compare this house with any other house"

It is hard to write an address for your father's memorial service.


tailkinker45 said...

Enjoyment of a beautiful tree lined lane SHOULD be a highlight of your day. I hate moving, no matter what is used to do it.

indigoGlyph said...

G-force? The Fiery Phonenix?! Pure tv sugar to one 8yr old boy - can't believe I'd forgotten it til now.

pluvialis said...


Heidi the Hick said...

I learn something new every day:

I never got it when I was a kid on a pig farm that G-FORCE was a Japanese show.

I had no idea there were five other versions of it.

I did not know that an actress who voiced "Princess" has two of my names!!

I do know that my sister and I debated which one was cooler and cuter- Mark or Jason.

Your last point choked up my throat.

pluvialis said...

Well, little girl Pluvialis thought Mark. But grown-up Pluvialis? Jason all the way.

Heidi the Hick said...

Jason- so conflicted. I know.

Rebecca K. O'Connor said...

Jason. Definitely Jason. But now that I know I got the spoon-fed BOTP version, I must find the original Gatchaman..Netflix here I come.

And just realized why I had memories of being 8 years old and demanding to be called, "Princess" -- I'm still embarrassed, but now that I realize I didn't think I was royalty per se, I feel a little better.