Friday, November 23, 2007


So I'm wandering around Cambridge's many property websites searching for a house to rent. Not buying a house after all. Not at the moment anyway. Back into the land of tenants and landlords. My god, but someone should tell these people about web design. If I see another spinning pen, another photograph of Kings Chapel and one more ineptly-kerned title in mad gothic script, I'll scream.

So many of them are ruled out straight away: NO PETS. Should I use the Lord Byron excuse? "It's not a pet: it's a wild animal!". Something tells me that won't wash.

The problem is, I have to find somewhere to moult out this gos, come spring. And the fact that I'm going to be in a situation where erecting an aviary is probably out of the question is rather worrying. I wonder if any falconers out there have a spare pen and the desire to caretake a goshawk for a few months. Hmm.


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Tom Bozzo said...

Well, it would look like a terrible time to buy a house in the UK -- insane price levels, prospect for sharp near-term declines a la the US, and all -- ability to keep wild animal issues aside. OTOH, a landlord for whom the goshawk passes the laugh test might be relatively receptive to the installation of a temporary aviary if such a thing is practical.