Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I've had a few

Regrets. Right now, I regret turning the heating off this morning, and drinking that cup of coffee at just before midnight. It's getting on for 2am; I have to do some examining tomorrow (no doctor jokes per-lease) and need my wits about me, thusly. And am wide awake, and very cold. Pah.

But it's all fine, because I'm FTP-ing up a storm. Off go the crow pics to the Big Publisher people. Luckily so; because I don't know if my poor CNS could manage another night of three hours sleep.

Being hugely tired is cheaper than getting drunk, though! Had to walk into town to get more art supplies today. Enjoyed the bottom-of-the-swimming pool feeling of disorientation. Not so keen on the headache and the grains-of-ash-in-the-blood feeling, though. Nor the half cup of coffee I spilt over myself in a sudden loss of motor ability shortly afterwards.

Lord, I am tired. Here's a broody rook.


Matt Mullenix said...

You got that rook's eyes and "hair-do" just right. Must be tough to draw the feathers of the head especially because so few seem to manage it. Your bird looks alive.

Moro Rogers said...

Yeah, it's real nice. At first I thought it was a paintover.

Anonymous said...

The ashtray says
You were up all night
When you went to bed
With your darkest mind

Your pillow wept
You covered your eyes
And you finally slept
While the sun caught fire

You've changed

...Jeff Tweedy...Summerteeth