Monday, March 23, 2009


Artist: Marcus Coates

Peregrine (1999)
Watercolour on Starling


Matt Mullenix said...


Brenda L. said...

At first I thought, "those are rather odd markings for a starling, then I saw the title and said, "huh? Peregrine? Watercolor on starling? What? Is it a typo?" Then my slow brain finally caught up and I got it. Very cool.

Anekeia said...

Coatesian mimicry. I like it. But I don't suppose as many people would enjoy it done the other way 'round. BTW even if you DON'T want a shrubbery, see the 3/09 JHB for recent output.

Helen "Philippines Information Technology" Carry said...

Great shot!
Great pose for the bird!