Thursday, July 02, 2009

Flat Hawk Down

Plans to moult Mabel out in an aviary fell through this year -- if anyone has a spare pen, pleeeease get in touch -- but so far, she seems to be quite happy to renew her feathers on her bow. It's been bitterly hot the last few days, so rather than put her on the lawn, she's been loafing inside, with a bath to keep her company. And every morning, as the sun hits the floor, she engages in a spot of luxuriant sunbathing. Bless.


Steve Bodio said...

How can a Gos look so contented?

Glad you are back-- send news!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through links on Querencia, and have just finished reading it. Yes, all of it, start to finish.

I have a hard time expressing just how fascinating, informative, entertaining, and enriching your writing is, so I'll simply say that I am now searching for copies of your books as well.

Thank you for writing.
~Anissa Roy

Jill Cunningham said...

It is really wonderful to see Mabel after reading about her. I have chickens who find sunbathing to be pure bliss, so I should not be surprised that Gos Hawks enjoy sunbathing. I have even spied on a tufted titmouse luxuriating in the sun on my deck a couple of times.

After finishing the book, "H is for Hawk" I watched a couple of your interviews. I'm so sorry about Mabel. I am grateful that she felt like your "protective spirit" for a time and that you shared your story with us.

Quills said...

I'm ending my exploration of your old blog where I posted one of my earlier comments - the post of Mabel sunbathing ( I just can't resist those photos.) Reading the blog was like viewing the special features "making-of-reel" on a DVD when I wished the movie was not over. I appreciate "H is for Hawk" even more now.