Thursday, October 20, 2005

Body parts, Bees, and Nike trainers.

Andrew went to Iraq to teach bee-keeping. Iraq's bees were pretty much wiped out by post-Desert Storm oil fires. His blog is sublime. Someone should write a book on bees and imperialism, by the way.

Visiting the post office at Camp Warrior Andrew found a list of items not allowed to be sent back to America. It included:
Bees, dead or alive.
Animal Semen and Secretions.
Treasonable Literature.
Pet Rocks.
Cuban Cigars.
An eagle.
Unprocessed straw.
Sexual Gadgetry.
Personal Effects of Enemy Soldiers to Include Body Parts.
Goods made by forced labor. Child labour is forced labor.


fatrobot said...

do you really teach bee-keeping?
i'm going to pretend i do too
i also breed hydras, scorpion-lizard hybrids and intolerance

pluvialis said...

Good to hear of your squamous broods. What do you call scorpion-lizard hybrids? lorpions? scorpizards? Is there even a technical term? Respect for the Hydras: breeding those must be an absolute bugger.