Friday, October 07, 2005

Conference snaps

Seeing as I’m so sick, posting stuff here is far less dangerous than attempting real work. And so: a few pictures of Abu Dhabi from the other week:

The conference hall: note the fabulous gold camel, coffee pot, and falcon centrepiece. It really tied the room together. Those little conference microphones foxed me totally. Red light on, red light off. Red light on, red light off. Click, click. Huh? How embarrassing. But Powerpoint worked.

The intimate dinner for 400...

Huge captive-bred falcons for sale at the utterly awesome Arab Hunting Exhibition, where alongside stuffed elephants and an Arab horse auction, terrifying South African safari dudes, besuited UK arms manufacturers, and wonderful traditional Emiratee singing groups, you could also see:

Yep, it's a diamond and sapphire-set falcon hood! I wonder how long it would take a hungry gyr x peregrine to scratch out a stone or two. Diamonds and sapphires would make mad rangle...

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