Monday, October 10, 2005

So long and thanks for all the weapons training...

Thanks to Charles for the headline and this story. And this is worth a look, too.


r. said...

Awesome! Are they gay?

pluvialis said...

Surely. And you can even go see them. This is such a cute story:

Dutch Zoo Offers Gay Animal Tours
Tuesday 3 July, 2001

A zoo in Holland is offering tours of the homosexual animals in its care to show that gay animals are found in the nature.
The Artis Zoo in Amsterdam has gay monkeys, geese, bulls, goats, dolphins, flamingos, elephants and gorillas, says Director Maarten Frankenhuis.

He went on to say that male animals even in the company of females sometimes preferred their own sex. At other times animals that were in all-male enclosures had sex with other males, “like in English boarding schools,” said Frankenhuis.

The tours are particularly popular amongst those wanting to show others that homosexuality is normal in the animal kingdom.

“We get mostly gay people and mothers with their sons after they’ve come out,” Frankenhuis told Newsweek.

Frankenhuis said that homosexual animals are not treated badly by others in their species as animals don’t have the complications that humans have.

A particular feature are gay orgies on the flamingo lake.

The tours are by appointment and cost around £8.