Monday, October 10, 2005

Spy-hopping sea canaries

Military cetacean research is way scary. But this is a good corrective. The world is a better place for ethological futurists playing guitars to dolphins and whales. I'm not being sarcastic. Listen to the sound files on this page, for example, of an orca singing harmonies to blues riffs on a guitar.

This one
is great, too. And the page on belugas is just peerless. Get this:

There are researchers working today on the White Sea who theorize that beluga whales have a language. The research program is directed by the dean of Russian marine mammal science, Vsevolod Belkovich. He employs linguistics, underwater-projected video (of Caspar the Friendly Ghost, among other notable subjects), and even telepathy to engage these skittish animals

Casper the Friendly Ghost. White whales being played underwater cartoons of Casper the friendly ghost. Genius.

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