Thursday, January 12, 2006


Thanks to Reid Farmer at Querencia for a link to a story that might, if you were so inclined, suggest that the reason we're so fascinated by birds of prey is the same reason we're mesmerised by sharks, tigers and crocodiles. They might eat us.


fatrobot said...

there was a hawk in a neighbours tree, i didn't get a good look, but i looked kinda fat
a zillion squirrels around so no wonder
i once saw a hawk (unsure what kind) in High Park in toronto try to catch a squirrel and at one time the hawk and squirrel were on the same branch of the tree, the squirrel dropped to the snow (a good 12 metres) and ran off
i think there ia a bird sanctuary there somewhere
there are also peregrines downtown too

this is all unrelated to your post but you are the only one i know who like birds

pluvialis said...

fat hawks are keeping-warm hawks and squirrel-eating hawks are redtails. squirrels are mean critters and will bite hawks' toes off so you have to be a mean critter to catch them too. You are lucky to have downtown peregrines. Also, you're lucky to be in Canada.
It is good to hear Canadian hawk stories.

Reid Farmer said...

Hello, Pluvialis. I saw earlier this week that you had linked to me, but didn't really know about you until Steve posted about you today. You are about to get put up on the Querencia blogroll - welcome to the family!

I assume your thesis work is in history? I look forward to talking with you.

pluvialis said...

Hi Reid! Thank you for being so nice! My field is actually history and philosophy of science; I specialise in the history of 20th century natural history. Things as varied as plant collecting, ethology, hunting, birdwatching, and...yes, you guessed it, falconry!