Monday, March 13, 2006


Who would have thought it? Pluvialis blogging the catwalk? It's against the natural order of things. But it isn't, when the clothes are by Alexander McQueen. Oh no.

See? Military serge, Lady Chatterley hair and hen pheasant wings. And the gorget of cock-pheasant wing coverts. This is what pluvialis should be wearing all the time.

Night-fighter wear. Suitable for post-seminar drinks parties, particularly those at The Eagle.

Just the thing for shooting lunches, sniper training, and the occasional fetish party. Hmmm. How perfectly versatile this dress must be. Is it really made of feathers? Not even specialist dry clean?
Grouse-hawking clothes! This is what pluvialis will be wearing in Caithness next year. She'll fit right in. See those whisky-glazed eyes? It's a good look.

Ha! No, seriously, this is what I shall wear to The Ball. I'm going to save up for this one. I've already got a pair of red deer antlers, so don't even need to do too much accessorising...

Amuse yourselves with the rest of the collection, and I'll get back to work on my writing. But I'm eyeing the dried ruffed grouse tail on the shelves, there — do you think I could knock up an impromptu hat by combining it creatively with this guillemot skull and some kitchen foil?

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