Monday, March 13, 2006

Flowering biotopes of the slangs

It's a cheap shot, laughing at automated translation software, but when the great and good German poet Hans Thill sent me a review in German of the Wozu Vögel book, I couldn't resist putting it through Google translate. Which surpassed itself:
Without being represented in relevant Anthologien of the past decades, is J. H. Prynne nevertheless as a joint founder Marxist "Cambridge School" – hardly per easily accessible – Heavyweight of the literature scene Britanniens. Old, the former librarian and scholar full momentum screw nearly 70 years together, which formed the world at fictions and realities. As for instance is Apoll connected with cigarettes? Prynne demonstrates it and over-radiates strength of its brainstorms two Epigonen, which fished Thill for its volume from a quirligen swarm: Helen Macdonald, class 1970, and the six years younger Keston Sutherland. While Macdonald, attained a doctorate Vogelexpertin and Falknerin, their Elaborate with ornithologischen terms, coined/shaped by nature observations, spickt, the texts of the literature lecturer Sutherland are flowering biotopes of the Slangs.

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