Thursday, June 08, 2006

But who is Scott?

Morning coffee was made glorious by the three chaps having a meeting at the next table. I couldn't help it: a bit of stenography was irresistible. The frescato blender and the burr grinder intruded in places, and my tastes in espionage have never really been of the industrial kind, but oh, it was such fun to jot down some overheard fragments....

Now, this is a real priority, we need to get this finished now. Before any priority one stuff.

It's important that we can look at it—absolutely—if they do something and it's all finished—every two weeks,


six-weekly meetings — tell them about the project introduction — product rethink —
Scott — that's specifically why I saw him last week.

So I mean the other thing is on their reports they should give a thought for example of people like Scott who are involved in conceptual — features —

To a certain degree they are, they don't have the detailed knowledge that we have because normally the typical stakeholder's project, we have to sell

they'll tell us nothing

yeah, what's he going to tell us — where's the bottle of

Ha ha.

I can't... the way it works...we have a list of features...

what our customers want..what their customers want...the retailers...that's down to the product. That's why the product spec.

But it can’t be underdeveloped


That’s all I got until my computer ran out of batteries. Perhaps if I was in industrial intelligence I’d think this conversation was gold dust. But in reality it was the verbal equivalent of an explanatory diagram drawn by business types meeting on the next table in a cafĂ© a few years ago. I picked it up after they left. It went like this:

What does it mean?

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