Friday, June 09, 2006

Why are we so strange?

Is the title of this marvellous post on Querencia today. The photos! The hair! The joy! I am waiting to be tagged, oh yes. I laughed out loud loudest of all at this, from Steve:

I am so weird I never thought about it—just followed my interests—until Betsy Huntington told me I was eccentric in my late twenties. I had always patterned myself after the great naturalist–adventurers from the Victorians to Will Beebe and Roy Chapman Andrews, and was puzzled that I couldn't get around the world as easily. Once after I mused on this she stared at me and said in her best patrician drawl; " Stephen—don't you understand that they were all richer than GAWD?"

Until that moment it had never occurred to me.

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