Friday, February 16, 2007

Jericho where is the History Clasps the Nature

That is the slogan of the Palestine Wildlife Society, who are holding their "First Spring Birds Migrations Festival" in March and are trying to get tourists to go. It costs $40, which includes an overnight stay in the Moon Hostel, and:
  • Planting Tree in the garden on your name.
  • Bird watching "early in the morning or after noon"...
  • Bird Ringing "Banding" during the day time "morning and afternoon
  • Visiting the Archeology sites in Jericho and its area
  • Hiking from St. George Monastery "Wadi Quilt top Jericho
I met these guys at a bird fair a few years ago. They gave me a postcard with a blurred photograph of a tortoise on it. Whatever your views on the region, respect to these guys: it must be fantastically hard to run a wildlife society in Palestine.

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Old Scrote said...

Heartening news. What can we do to support them?