Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Two overheard snippets of conversation

Earnest woman to older male colleague
Woman: "The thing about Brokeback Mountain that really got me was that the main characters, the two cowboy guys, were so....so....um....so...."
Man: "Inarticulate?"
Woman: "Yes!"

Two guys in black tie and a girl in a pink ballgown leaving college gates this morning:
Girl: (mid conversational flow) ".....eww, yes, that was gross. It was like that time I got groped in a Bolivian porn cinema!"
Guy: "You're going to have to explain that"
Girl: (in horrified tones) "Oh, it was awful! We went into this porn cinema in Bolivia, and this guy came and sat next to me and tried to grope me!"


Heidi the Hick said...

You do realized that there is no way I can come up with any comments that will be worthy of those observations...

pluvialis said...

If I'd had a cup of tea and a monocle while hearing these conversations, I would have a) spluttered the tea, and b) dropped my monocle into the cup. They were that good.

Matt Mullenix said...