Wednesday, July 25, 2007

If you happen to be interested in Soviet aircraft...

Top post by Reid Farmer at Querencia here.

Somewhere in my dad's files — I'll see if I can dig it out — is an awesome photo of the terrifyingly massive An-225 flying low over a pub roof on the perimeter of Farnborough airport during the 1990 airshow. It hung in the sky, as Douglas Adams would say, in much the same way bricks don't.

Which reminds me:


Tom Bozzo said...

Ah, the Spruce Moose. Excellent.

That An-225 picture would be cool if you can find it.

Not that the An-124 is underwhelming as such, but beach vacations when I was a kid would take us past the USAF's C-5 base at Dover, Delaware. It was rare not to see the beasts lumbering around, and the highway was sufficiently close to the end of one runway that you could get quite the sight with favorable drive-by timing.

Reid Farmer said...

I've love to see that An-225 pic as well. I thought that it was mothballed, and just saw on Wikipedia that it was brought back into service in 2002.

It was amazing to me how much the An-124 looked like a C-5.

In addition to the MiG-21 at Mojave, there was also a privately owned MiG-17 in a two-seater trainer version. I'll dig and see if I can find a pic of that.

Pluvi - I have that MX ICBM manual copied for you. Send me an e-mail with your snail mail address and I will send it.