Friday, August 31, 2007


Not only did they junk the gyrfalcon picture, they chose the best goshawk image ever painted. I'd not heard of Marie Winn before, so checked her out on Wikipedia. Ah, yes, the Redtails in Central Park woman. What I did not expect to read on her wiki entry was this:
In the late 1980's, Winn succumbed to a terrible addiction to television's late night soft core pornography. In order to combat this aliment [sic] she took up bird watching in central park, noting the erotic nature of birds, a quality she found to be regenerative to her overall wellbeing.
That is a brilliant bit of wiki sabotage! Made my morning.


Matt Mullenix said...

Wow--great cover image! That must get your blood flowing, Pluvi. :-)

Anonymous said...

Bruno Liljefors, knew his stuff. I saw one of eagle works in a museum once and it was excellent. The goshawk image does justice to the book and subject. Someone must have told the publisher having a falcon on the cover was like having a chimp on the cover of his biography.


Steve Bodio said...

WH-- I wrote to them (after Pluvi discovered their mistake) that it was like having a dog on the cover of a book named 'cat'. Maybe that helped!

The Liljefors is brilliant. Now I'll have to get it even though I have a 1st ed, and about five pb's!