Friday, September 21, 2007

I should be

Packing. Sorting out final utility bills. Cancelling broadband. Clearing garden. Taking rubbish to the tip. Sorting clothes. Catching up on work.

What I am in fact doing is listening to back-to-back episodes of Paul McGann's Doctor Who. I've been doing this all morning, and I can't possibly do anything else.

Radio 7's Listen Again facility is my new downfall.

The BBC offered me 1.7 million pounds to play the eleventh Doctor last week. I was so disappointed when I woke up and realised that they hadn't.


Steve Bodio said...

I am so old I think of Dr. Who as Tom Baker.

pluvialis said...

Me too, Steve! Although I was terrified by the deadly, giant maggots back in the Jon Pertwee era. During a press photocall for Worzel Gummidge, my dad confronted Pertwee and told him that I'd not only hidden behind the sofa, wailing, but had been prey to sleepless nights and nightmares ever since watching the episode (the Green Death, I believe). Apparently Pertwee said they scared the bejesus out of him too. Bless.