Thursday, September 20, 2007

Teaching her ABCs

Click for big: see what she's looking at?


Matt Mullenix said...

Pluvi, mine bates at pictures of birds. No kidding. He likes the Digby print of the merlin and skylark best. He also bates at the little bird-shaped ornamentss were have in our garden.

If real birds were as easy to catch, we'd be much further along than we are.

pluvialis said...

I actually believe you. Before yesterday, I'd have been dubious about this, but my god: I was leafing through this book & the gos was dozing. Turned to this line-drawing of partridges and suddenly she just became fixated with them. It's extraordinary.

Real birds ARE harder to catch. She flew a pheasant yesterday for a hundred and fifty yards and then flew back to me. Got to me at a height of about twenty foot, circled a couple of times to lose height and came down to the fist. I gave her lots to eat. The flight really underlined what a baby she still is. "I am following this exciting bird, mum. Not *actually* sure why. What do I do now?"

This bird needs to kill something!

Steve Bodio said...

And she is looking at it with a full crop!

My dogs are more aural.If something makes game- like sounds on the TV they go and look behind it. But if they see a strongly- sillouhetted figure moving against a white background (like snow) they will watch intently. They ARE sighthounds.

Reid Farmer said...

Our Australian Shepherd really seems to enjoy watching television, sometimes.

Like your dogs, Steve, she and the Lab both react to sounds from the TV. If they hear a doorbell on TV they both leap up and head for the front door.